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About Us

Alpenglow Charters is a business founded by the Barnwell family. From big seas and crab fishing out of Dutch Harbor to commercial fishing in Ugashik and kayaking in the Prince William Sound, we have a long record of spending time on Alaskan waters. We are proud to share our beautiful and wild home with our guests.

Alpenglow Charters

Designed for You

Alpenglow Charters is grounded in the values of our family: outdoor experience, wilderness, local knowledge, comfort, and good food. We offer a unique taste of adventure in beautiful Resurrection Bay, using the 40-foot vessel M/V Gambler as a home base. A big inspiration for our charter business is to provide an accessible trip option to folks who want a taste of Alaskan water without having to spend a fortune or a week to do so. We believe that boating and Alaska’s wilderness should be experienced by everyone. 

M/V Gambler has a unique story of her own (inquire with your crew to learn more) and is finally living her dream: to become a charter boat in Alaska. M/V Gambler is a custom design, hand-built in 1989 by Brad Barker. His original conception of the vessel was to sail it to Alaska and run a kayak business. With our two kayaks on board, we like to think we finally brought her home (for now at least). 

Kenzie, your captain, as well as the entire Barnwell family, renovated the interior of the boat in 2016 and 2017 – custom woodworking, running fresh water lines, adding to the engine room, installing electrical lines, a new navigation system… The list stretches on. M/V Gambler made the journey from Mt. Vernon, Washington, up the Inside Passage, and across the Gulf of Alaska to its final destination of Seward. 

Many unforeseen adventures and hours of hard work went into making M/V Gambler a comfortable, live-aboard boat. 

We hope you enjoy her as much as we do.

Kenzie Bardwell
M/V Gambler at dock in green area

The Crew

a man standing in front of a window

Captain Kenzie

Mackenzie has grown up on boats, from spending a year on a sailboat in the Caribbean, commercial fishing in Bristol Bay, and crewing private charters in New Zealand. She has worked on over twelve different vessels, including running running charters in Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjord National Park for six years. In 2016, Mackenzie obtained her USCG Captain’s License and completed a Flagship Maritime OUPV (Operator of Un-inspected Passenger Vessels) course. She has well over 360 days of experience on the water and is passionate about sharing boating with others. Mackenzie has a Wilderness First Responder and First Aid certification. When not found working on M/V Gambler, Mackenzie can be found cooking and enjoying the gorgeous outdoor playground of Alaska in any way she can. Mackenzie is excited to guide you off the beaten path and help you explore the beautiful water around Seward.  

The Vessel

M/V Gambler, Hand-Built in 1989

M/V Gambler is a 40-foot long, custom-built boat. It’s built for sightseeing in comfort, complete with a Dickinson marine propane heater to keep things cozy, a shower room with hot water on demand, a “head” or bathroom, and two separate rooms described below. M/V Gambler has a fully functional galley, complete with an oven and refrigerator. There is a double and three single kayaks, as well as an inflatable dinghy, available onboard for exploration.

Room Accommodations

M/V Gambler sleeps four comfortably in two separate rooms and can be privately rented. We are happy to accommodate families.

The State Room

The state room has our largest bed, which is equivalent to a domestic double bed size. There are two porthole windows and a dresser to hold your gear and valuables. The state room has a sliding door and is adjacent to the bathroom. This is a comfortable option for a couple. 

The Forward Berth

The forward berth has two separate beds joining in the bow. There are two small porthole windows, an escape hatch for a night breeze, and a locking door. There are four large roll-out drawers for gear storage. Comfortable and quaint!

Check out our charter options and book with us today!

MV Gambler on calm water
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