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Land & Sea Packages

Quick Details

Duration: Can range from two to four days

Departs: 4 p.m.

Returns: 8:30 p.m.

Two People
Three People
Four People

About the Land & Sea Package

This package has the best of both worlds. Experience the peacefulness of a night’s sleep on a boat, then stay in a yurt in the remote corners of Resurrection Bay.

The Land and Sea Voyage is a multiple-night, unique Alaskan experience. Get to know your hosts and enjoy a personalized journey of the Alaskan coast from both the sea and land.

What to Expect on Your Cruise

The Sea

The voyage begins with Alpenglow Charters. Meet your first hosts, Mackenzie and Ian, in the Seward Boat Harbor aboard M/V Gambler, a custom-built 40-foot yacht. From there, begin your journey out to Thumb Cove, a beautiful anchorage within Resurrection Bay.

Explore Thumb Cove by foot or kayak. Mackenzie and Ian provide an excellent, home-cooked, locally-sourced dinner and breakfast aboard the Gambler.

The Land

After your stay with Alpenglow Charters, you can enjoy coffee, tea, and the beautiful surroundings before departing on the next leg of the adventure. Your new hosts, Jason and Charity, pick you up via a boat-to-boat transfer from M/V Gambler to their vessel, M/V Stellar Jay.

Enjoy the cruise to Shearwater Cove and a private yurt rental. Spend the day kayaking, hiking, and relaxing in Shearwater Cove.

Note that you must plan ahead and bring meal supplies with you for your time at Shearwater Cove! There is a fully stocked kitchen available for use and storage capacity aboard the Gambler.


  • Kayak excursions (guided or solo) are included on the Gambler and at Shearwater Cove.
  • Additional nights can be added to either leg of this trip. For instance, stay two nights on the Gambler and one night at Shearwater Cove or vice versa.
  • Maximum of four guests on this trip.
  • Meals are included for your stay on M/V Gambler. Guests provide their own meals at Shearwater Cove. There is a refrigerator and a cooler aboard Gambler.
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